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Chapter One

Luke gave Claire one of his trademark smoldering glances, the kind that kept her and her vibrator company when she was alone in bed at night, dreaming of him. After ten years of platonic friendship, after a painful decade of hearing about every woman who had passed in and out of Luke’s bed, Claire knew it was time for things to change.

Maybe her new confidence came from the three Manhattans she’d already gulped down. Maybe it was because they were celebrating her promotion to Senior Vice President of SF BankCorp, and she was giddy with her new found power. Whatever the reason, Claire simply didn’t care about anything else tonight, outside of the promise she read in Luke’s eyes.

Uncrossing her long, supple legs, and then re-crossing them slowly for impact, she scooted to the edge of her bar stool and leaned in close to Luke in the steamy bar. Keeping her eyes trained on his mouth, she found the courage hiding deep within herself and said, “If I have to look at your lips for one more second without tasting them, I think I’m going to go crazy.”

Luke’s eyes didn’t widen in surprise. And he didn’t make things any easier for her by leaning in to kiss her. Instead he raised an eyebrow, puckered his delicious lips slightly in a half-smile, and said, “Prove it.”

The heat between Claire’s legs increased several degrees and her ni**les grew hard beneath her sexy silk top. For once in her life it was time to feel, not think.

Leaning forward until she was so close she could feel his breath on her lips, she reached up with her thumb and gently stroked Luke’s bottom lip. A shiver ran through her, and she felt as if her ni**les were going to break through the fine silk of her top.

She wondered if anyone else in the bar had noticed how incredibly turned on she was, but she forced the thought aside. She wasn’t going to ruin her one chance at seducing the only man she’d ever loved because of what some strangers thought.

She had imagined feeling his lips on her br**sts so many times, just touching them with her fingers was almost enough to make her spontaneously come in her seat. His lips were almost rough to the touch, and she wanted to explore every square millimeter of skin, from the corner where his upper and lower lips met so exquisitely, to the incredibly sexy, yet masculine bow in the middle of his upper lip.

Part of her wanted to go as slow as possible, to savor the sensations already washing through her in waves. But the other part of her, the part that made her pu**y lips drenched and hot, wanted nothing more than to straddle Luke, right then and there at the bar, to sink down on his c**k one inch at a time until she was on the edge of the best orgasm of her life.

Lighter than a feather, Luke darted his tongue against her thumb. Claire groaned, practically in pain, her need for him was so great. Grasping her wrist with his strong, warm hands, he held the fleshy part of her palm up to his mouth and nipped at her sensitive skin.

Claire was shaking now and hornier than she’d ever been. Her pu**y was soaked, all without one single kiss. Then again, just thinking of Luke had always been enough to bring her right to the brink.

She was so caught up in her need, she barely heard Luke whisper, “Taste me.”

Trying to break out of her fog, she moved to obey his command as quickly as she could. Closing the distance between them, taking his breath as her own, she licked at the middle of his lower lip with the tip of her tongue, the same place she had already memorized with her thumb.

“What flavor am I?” Luke asked her, again so softly she could barely make out his words.

“I need another sample,” she said, and captured his incredible mouth in hers, tasting every inch of him, relishing in the feel of his tongue against hers.

In her wildest dreams, she never knew a kiss could be so hot. She’d give up her vibrator forever for a lifetime supply of his kisses. Lord knew, if he kept it up, she was going to be moaning so loud everyone in the bar would be forced to stop their conversations to watch the live sex show happening right in front of them.

Luke pulled away from her and threw a $20 bill on the bar. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her off the seat and dragged her through the teeming crowd. Her skin was so inflamed, every time her br**sts rubbed up against some stranger she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she should be embarrassed that she was feeling so incredibly sexual.

No, she told herself. I’m going to take tonight as far as it can go. Tomorrow I’ll go back to being the straight-laced banker the world thinks I am. Tonight, I’m a sex goddess!

Luke got them out the front door in record time and into the balmy summer night. Within seconds damp air made Clare’s silk top cling to her like second skin. Luke promptly directed them down the nearest alley, nearly running in his haste.

Claire was breathing hard, but not from their quick pace. She knew what was about to happen, and on the verge of every single one of her dreams coming true, she was working hard not to hyperventilate in fervent expectation.

Turning down another alley, this one even darker and narrower than the first, Luke stopped abruptly and pushed her against the cool brick wall. Reaching his hands under her shirt, he cupped her full, high br**sts and squeezed her ni**les while he leaned his head down to devour the pulse of her neck with his mouth and teeth.

“Luke,” she moaned, wrapping one of her long legs around him, trying to pull him in closer to her. “I can’t wait another second.”

He reached down to her short skirt and pulled the hem up to her hips. “You’re not wearing any panties,” he growled into her mouth, consuming her lips once again as he slid two fingers inside of her. “You’re so wet,” he said reverently against her lips, the bulge in his pants growing even more huge against her thigh.

Claire ground her hips into his hand and began to cry out as an orgasm ripped through her. Luke covered her mouth with his, taking in her scream, muting it with his tongue.

As wave after wave coursed through her, Luke unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Wrapping her hand around it, he said, “Guide me into you. Now.”

Claire’s eyes widened. She always suspected he was big, but even in her wildest imaginings she couldn’t have come up with this. His c**k had to be at least ten inches long and two inches in diameter. What if she couldn’t take all of him?

Luke must have sensed her reluctance, because he said, “Don’t worry, baby. You’re so wet I’m going to slide right in.”

Grabbing her ass with his hands, he added, “Wrap your legs around me.”

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