If You Stay

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Chapter One


I can’t be sure that the girl said my name.  Her voice is muffled and unintelligible and hard to understand, mostly because my dick is in her mouth.

Slumping against the black leather seat of my car, I push the girl’s head down further, wordlessly urging her to bury more of me in her throat. 

“Don’t talk,” I tell her.  “Just suck.”

I close my eyes and listen.  I can hear the spit pooling in her mouth and sliding out the corners.  Her cheek makes a soft sound as it grazes my open zipper.  She moans periodically, although I don’t understand it.  She’s not getting anything out of this.  My hand is on her head, pushing, pushing.  Guiding her movements and her speed.  I grip the hair at the base of her neck, winding it in my fingers; pulling it, releasing it, then pulling it again.

She moans again.

I still don’t know why.

I still don’t care.

I’m high as f**k.

And I don’t know her name.

Everything is a fog, except this moment.  I tune out the crashing sounds of Lake Michigan to our right, and the sounds of the cars on the highway a few miles away. I block out the glowing lights from town.  I tune out the roaring quiet and the occasional thought that someone might happen by and see us.  No one is out here on the beach, not at 11:00 pm.  Not that I would care anyway.

Right now, all I’m focused on is this blow job.

I already know that I’m not ready to come, but I don’t tell her because I don’t want her to stop yet, either.  I let her go for a few minutes more before I push her away.

“Take a break,” I tell her as I settle back into my seat.

I don’t bother to put myself away, I just sigh loud and long as I relax in the breeze.  The girl turns her attention to the visor mirror, trying to straighten her mess of a face.

“Wait,” I instruct.  “Hold on for a minute.”

She looks at me in confusion, her lipstick smeared.  I smile.

“I know you want some of this,” I tell her, grabbing a little bottle from my jacket pocket.  I dump a few coke pebbles onto a little mirror on my console and crush them with a razor, dragging the powder into two straight lines.

I offer her the little straw and now she’s the one smiling with her distorted clown mouth.

She snorts at her line, coughs, then snorts it again.

Settling back into her seat, she tilts her face to the car roof as she lets the drug take effect.  Her eyes are empty as she thrusts the straw at me and I hesitate for only a second.

I’ve hit it hard today and I’ve done more than I usually do.

Of everything.

But for some reason, the need to disappear into the black is strong today, stronger than usual.  And it’s on days like this that I hit the hard stuff.  I grab the straw and do my line, breathing in the powder that never fails to take me away.  Even when I can count on nothing else, I can always count on this.

The familiar burn immediately numbs my throat.  The emptiness spreads throughout the rest of my body, dulling my senses, speeding up my heart.  I can feel the blood pulsing through it, hard and pounding, carrying oxygen to my numb fingers.

I f**king love this shit.

I love the way it dulls everything but my attention.  I love how it heightens my awareness while still turning everything else black and numb.

This is where I am comfortable.  Drifting here into this nothingness, this obscurity.

Coke makes it easy to exist in the emptiness.

I run my fingers through the traces of the remaining powder and slide it along the skin of my erection before grabbing the girl by the back of the neck. I shove her head back down and she opens her mouth willingly.  This is most definitely not against her will.  She wants to be here.

Especially now that I have fed her habit. 

Especially now that she can lick her habit from my dick.  If she moans now I’ll believe it because she’s getting something out of it, too.

“Finish,” I tell her.  I stroke her back while she moves and I can’t feel my fingers.

Her head bobs for a few more minutes and then without warning, I come in her mouth.  Her eyes widen and she starts to pull away as my ejaculate seeps from the edges of her lips, but I hold her fast by the back of the neck until my dick stops throbbing.

“Swallow,” I tell her politely.

Her blank eyes widen, but she swallows obediently.

I smile.

She gags, but she doesn’t heave.

“Thank you,” I say, still polite.  And then I lean past her and shove open the passenger side door.  It creaks as it swings wide, evidence that cars were still made from iron back in 1968.  I pull out my wallet and hand her a dog-eared twenty.

“Get yourself something to eat,” I tell her.  “You’re too skinny.”

She’s got the look that girls on nose candy get.  The way-too-thin look.  That’s one downfall of the stuff.  It’s good for drifting away into oblivion, but it’s hell on your appetite.  If you don’t make yourself eat, you’ll waste away and start looking like shit.

This girl doesn’t look like shit.  Yet.  She’s not ugly.  But she’s not pretty either.  She mostly looks hardened.  Mousy brown hair, pale blue eyes.  Bland, stick-thin body.  I can take her or leave her.

And I’m leaving her.

She glares at me as she wipes her mouth.