Red Hot Reunion

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Jason pulled off his silk tie, letting it dangle from his fingers as he stood in the doorway to the bedroom.

“Hi, honey, I’m home.”

Emma paused with one hand on her pearl earring, no longer able to breathe normally when the most gorgeous man in creation was drinking her in, devouring her with his eyes. Her hands trembling with anticipation, she placed the pearls in her jewelry box, and waited for him to come to her.

Waited for Jason to take her to that naughty place she secretly loved to go.

His long stride ate up the hardwood between them. Jason threw his tie onto the duvet cover and then he was standing behind her in the mirror, his front to her back, running large tanned hands over her arms.

Her ni**les peaked beneath her thin silk blouse and she bit her lip at the erotic picture of her aroused pink areolas pressing against the thin white fabric.

“Bad girls don’t wear bras,” he said in a low tone that heated Emma’s blood another ten degrees.

As soon as she’d come home from the office, she’d removed her bra and panties, knowing how much it would turn Jason on.

“Or panties,” she whispered. Jason pulled her ass into his hips and the full, hot length of his erection throbbing against her sent a flood of wetness straight to her pu**y.

“Bad girls need to be spanked,” he said as he brushed her blond hair away from her neck and bent his mouth to her exposed flesh. She shivered as he nipped at her skin, kissing her between love bites. His hands moved across her rib cage, making the slow trip up her torso, to the sensitive swell of her br**sts.

At last he covered her tits with his hands and squeezed them, rubbing his thumbs over her ni**les. His touch was light at first and then when she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore, he squeezed them between his thumbs and forefinger. Emma cried out her pleasure, nearly coming where she stood.

“Take off your skirt,” he commanded in a quiet voice and she immediately obeyed, her shaky fingers fumbling at the clasp and zipper on the left side of her gray wool pencil skirt.

The thick fabric dropped with a whoosh to the floor and cool air blew across her exposed mound. Oh God, all she wanted was for Jason to slide his big hand over her pu**y lips. She’d been dreaming all day of the moment he touched her clit, the perfect instant that his thick fingers penetrated her again and again, harder and harder as she exploded.

He lifted her up into his arms and carried her over to the bed. “I’m ready Jason,” she breathed. “Fuck me. Now.”

But he was not to be deterred from his plan. “All in good time,” he said as he pulled her arms up over her head and secured her wrists to the iron bed frame with his blue-and-yellow-striped silk tie.

“You’re tying me up?” she said, her words sounding far more like a request than a question.

Jason didn’t bother answering as he moved over to her dresser, pulled out two scarves, then returned to the bed and spread open her legs. Her cunt throbbed with heat and need as he exposed her wet flesh by tying first one ankle and then the next to the iron posts.

He stopped and stared at her and Emma was overwhelmed with the need to please him. Her silk shirt was in disarray, her br**sts were thrusting up at him, her pu**y slick and plump with arousal.

“You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of doing this, Emma. Tying you up. Making you scream with pleasure.” He slid one finger into her with no more pretense, no more fore-play, and she arched into his hand. “You were such a good girl in college. Now look at you. Waiting for me naked beneath your silk and wool. Letting me tie you to your bed, spreading your long legs open for me. Begging me with your eyes to do anything I want to you.”

He fell silent then and she knew he was waiting for her to reach the next level of desire, the one that would have her pleading with him to take her all the way to heaven.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked, his control seeming to slip as his voice shook. “Do you want me to slide another finger into your sweet pu**y?”

“Please,” she moaned, her eyes closing as he complied with her desperate request. “More. Give me more Jason.”

“I would do anything for you,” he said a millisecond before his hot breath covered her pu**y. Holding her breath, she waited for his tongue to press down on her clit. But as the seconds ticked by, and the first pulse of an orgasm sounded within her, Emma couldn’t wait any longer. Bucking her hips as far up as she could, she pressed her cunt into his lips.

She could feel him silently urging her to let go, to make herself come against his lips, his teeth. As if she could do anything else, when her body was already straining to reach the peak. She was so close, and as she pushed against his wet tongue again and again, as he thrust his fingers relentlessly, Emma spiraled into an earth-shattering orgasm, the likes of which she’d never known.

Her entire body shuddered beneath his delicious onslaught and then he was poised above her, his hazel eyes burning with desire. He ripped open her blouse, taking one taut nipple into his mouth. The thick head of his penis pressed against her open pu**y lips and she arched to take him in.

“Not so fast,” he murmured, taking her lips in a savage kiss, pulling the breath from her lungs as if it were his right. As if he owned her, body and soul.

Which they both knew that he did.

All she wanted was for him to plunge his nine rock-hard inches into her. To screw her hard and long, to make her come again from the inside out.

And this time she was so close, so close…

Emma Cartwright woke up from her wet dream, the sheets soaked and twisted beneath her, her arms above her head, her legs spread. Exactly the way she’d been tied up in her dream.

Disappointment flooded her. She should have known it was just another X-rated version of the ongoing fantasy she’d been powerless to control for the past decade.

Jason Roberts. With her. In bed. Making wild, passionate love to her. Doing all the dirty things she could never admit to wanting in real life, but that she knew would be astonishing and beautiful in his arms.

After so many years of frustration, she only wished for one thing: Why couldn’t they get to the part where he actually slid into her before she woke up? Where he took her and made her his. Completely.

Because then, at least, she would know what it felt like to be a part of Jason. To have him be a part of her.

But Emma knew with utter certainty that suffering without Jason, even in her dreams, was her price to pay. For what she had done to him ten years ago in college. For teasing him with her virginity, never giving in, telling him she loved him, and then choosing to date and marry another man.

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